10 Critical Sales Management Functions

Dave Mantel

For CEOs and top sales management. Effective Sales Management is the key to a fully-functioning sales team. In many companies a sales manager is selected from among the company's best sales salespeople. Because sales management skill sets and strengths are so much different than what's needed in a great salesperson, the company finds they've made a poor sales management hire... and lost a great salesperson!

In this session we will demystify and discuss 10 points which great sales managers accomplish so well and what every other sales manager should be doing daily in order to ensure the effectiveness of the sales force.

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Led by Dave Mantel and located in the Greater Seattle area, Acme Sales Development exists to exact the most from sales organizations so that the individual and the organization prosper as much as possible.

The first step is gaining the resolve to improve. Facing the fact that it is not the economy, or the competition, or the government or any other external problem that's causing your revenues to suffer. You have to consider lack of results could be due to an unhealthy sales team and in order to fix revenue issues you are going to have to take charge of this problem immediately.

If you're ready to take charge of your sales team, engaging with Acme Sales Development will take you through each step in the process of changing your sales team from one of underperformance to one that is healthy, strong and outperforms the marketplace in any market condition.

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10 Critical Sales Management Functions