Alastair Somerville

Alastair Somerville is an sensory design consultant.

Working with clients, like the BBC, National Trust and Scottish Parliament, he has developed a number of new technologies and techniques for making information more available and comprehensible by people with both physical and cognitive impairments. Using 3D printing, tactile printing systems and Near Field Communication technology, his work is used in museums and schools in the UK and USA.

He works with universities on cognition of senses and specialises in tactile design and sensory cognition and comprehension.

He has facilitated workshops developing ideas of multimodal and future UX at conferences in the UK and USA. He also works with professionals from different industrial sectors to deliver innovation and design thinking workshops.

As well as sensory design and innovation workshops and speeches, he works with clients to deliver customised workshops to enable specific project goals in product development or corporate change.

His workshops have been described as:

"Engaging and fun...forward thinking...expertly handled."

"Changed the way I think."


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