Anne M. Seifert, Ph.D.

Anne Seifert, M.P.H., Ph.D. is an epidemiologist (University of California Berkeley) and psychologist (Smith College) who founded a lifestyle change program, well-balanced and easy to follow, that promotes good health and weight control. Rarely does one find a public health researcher in the nutrition field for over 40 years with the passion to develop a simple program for good health and weight control. Dr.Anne is this person.

Previously she worked in the Department of Nutrition at Harvard University with famed nutritionist Dr. Jean Mayer. She was co-investigator for the NIH Institute of Health Research study of lifestyle impact on well-being. And she was appointed a member of the CA Governor's Council on Wellness & Physical Fitness (during Gov. Jerry Brown’s first term).

In private practice, Dr. Anne was a nutritional consultant for the Rancho Valencia Resort in Rancho Santa Fe, CA and was Director of the Olympic Hotel health program. Her mission is to teach people how to eat in moderation and keep their weight under control using a handy visual measure. Author of three books.

She was instrumental in creating the National Screen Actor’s Guild Health Care Safety Net Fair and for many years donated her expertise and time there in Los Angeles. Appearing on national radio and television shows discussing her blueprint for health: appearing on Regis Philbin, Dinah, Alive and Well, A.M. Los Angeles, Sun-Up San Diego, Vidal Sassoon, Celebrity Health Styles and WABC talk radio.




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