Barbara Avila

Barbara Avila is the Owner and Director of Synergy Autism Center.

Barbara is proud to have known and worked with people with autism of all ages since 1985. She has designed Synergy Autism Center to be a place of collaborative practice for and on behalf of individuals and families with autism.

Barbara holds her Bachelors degree in psychology, Masters degree in developmental disabilities, as well as her certification in Relationship Development Intervention®. She is extremely active in the autism community including being on the board of the Autism Society of Oregon as president of the board twice and currently the vice president.

Utilizing applied behavior analysis, activity based intervention, family systems interventions, Relationship Development Intervention®, Structured TEACCH, and more, she has worked in group homes, schools (both private and public), therapy centers, families’ homes, places of employment, and throughout the community.

Using the most up to date and evidence based approaches with her clients, she helps parents and loved ones determine what is the best for their child while targeting the critical developmental foundations of social and cognitive learning.

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