Ben Merens

Veteran Public Radio talk show host Ben Merens made his mark, not talking, but listening to his audience for 21 years. Now an author, speaker and trainer, Ben can help hone your communications skills to turn presence into profit.

Author of "People Are Dying To Be Heard: A guide to listening for a lifetime of communication" and "Uni-Tasking: 25 Tips For Better Listening," Ben gets it. Communication is about giving. It is about giving your time; giving your attention; and giving your interest.

For many, this is not a natural act but it is an acquired skill. Ben can teach it to you and you're interested parties.

Ben Merens has worked in the media listening to the stories of others for 33 years in New York, Chicago and across the Midwest. Additionally, he has been teaching communications at the college level for 30 years.

As a trainer and coach of both communications and conflict management resolution, Ben is indeed a Listening Guru and he can help you become one as well.

Ben has taught college at Hofstra University; Columbia College; Concordia University and Marquette University. Additionally, he has guest lectured at Northwestern University, Loyola University, Alverno College and throughout the entire University of Wisconsin state system.

Ben's training technique blends storytelling; hands on activities; and basic trends and tips to make your staff better able to tune into customers, clients, and co-workers.

Ben's life goal is to help people be heard and feel validated.

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