Bob Whipple

Bob Whipple is CEO of Leadergrow Incorporated, an organization dedicated to development of leaders. He speaks on leadership topics and the development of trust in numerous venues internationally. He also teaches leadership and business classes at several universities.

As a leadership coach and business consultant, he works with individual clients as well as large organizations such as government agencies, corporations, and The Rochester Business Alliance. A highly successful leader at a Fortune 500 company for over 30 years, Mr. Whipple accomplished revolutionary change while leading a division of over 2000 people through the application of outstanding “people” skills.

Mr. Whipple is a student of the leadership process and has developed unique approaches to achieving excellent results through full engagement of people. He is author of four books on trust:

- The Trust Factor: Advanced Leadership for Professionals (2003)
- Understanding E-Body Language: Building Trust Online (2006)
- Leading with Trust is Like Sailing Downwind (2009)
- Trust in Transition: Navigating Organizational Change (2014)


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