Brooke Miles

Brooke Miles is an award-winning speaker and humorous writer covering the hot topics in social media. She founded Delaware ShoutOut -- a social media ghostwriting and management firm -- to help tough-and-scrappy business owners pack more punch into their social media without breaking a sweat.

Some marketing folks make social media sound all complicated. But really, they do that for job security. Social media can be made easy. Brooke takes the mystery out of social media and shows how to streamline your social media efforts while boosting your bottom line.

Some of Brooke's articles include:

(1) 5 Social Media Hacks You'll Love
(2) Why Facebook Page Likes Are Overrated
(3) What Miley Cyrus Can Teach Us About LinkedIn Endorsements

Want to hear her speak? Brooke's Casts are fun, engaging, and packed with information you can use right away.

On a final note, while "Delaware" is in her company's name, she assures you that her social media expertise crosses state lines. She looks forward to getting to know you at an upcoming Cast!


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