Carol Fredrickson

Carol Fredrickson is the CEO & Founder of Violence Free, an international speaking/training and consulting business based in Phoenix, AZ. Clients rely on the skills, knowledge and expertise to prevent 6-7 figure lawsuits, and more importantly to avert workplace disasters and save lives. She is a recognized authority on workplace violence, conflict in the workplace & personal safety. Carol has been profiled and interviewed by ABC, NBC, USA Today, CBC and News Channel Asia in Singapore and she consults with the media on a regular basis. Since 1993 over 150,000 have benefited from Carol's powerful message of strength and self reliance. She keeps audiences on the edge of their seats with stranger-than-fiction case studies and "worst case scenarios" pulled from hundreds of real life violent workplace situations - and preventing hundreds more through her work "in the trenches". Carol spent 15 years in law enforcement specializing in emergency services and disaster preparedness. In a high stress environment where a bad decision could result in lives lost, Carol was awarded the Police Chief's Commendation for saving the life of a police officer. Carol's adult focused instructional approach takes into account the experiences & knowledge that adults bring to the session. She expands upon and refines this prior knowledge by connecting it to new learning, making the instruction relevant to important issues and tasks in the participant's lives.

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