Caspar Berry

Before graduating from Cambridge, Caspar Berry was a commissioned screen writer and had two feature films and numerous TV scripts produced. He walked away from the media industry in 2000 and made the somewhat insane decision to become a professional poker player. Caspar made a living at the poker tables of the casinos in Vegas for three years before returning to England and setting up a video production company in the Northeast. This venture fused the media experience from his early twenties with the strategic knowledge gained from playing poker; it dawned on Caspar that this unique and intense mixture of math and psychology had formed the bedrock of his ability in business and had indeed turned him into an entrepreneur. As a result of this apparent transfer of knowledge Caspar started delivering this material to businesses; using poker to unlock the usually dry and mathematical world of risk and decision-making. Caspar used his experiences as a professional poker player to create a range of experiences which deliver powerful and important messages about the nature of risk in a fun and engaging way. His offering ranges from poker as pure entertainment to much more rigorous training which applies the skills of the professional poker player to investment and risk taking in life.

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