Claire Billingsley

Professional speaker and business coach Claire Billingsley coaches business leaders on social and communication skills, leadership, time management and organizational skills, personnel management, as well as personal and professional development. Through her company Billingsley Consulting Group, a training and communications firm, she helps businesses, associations, and educational institutions grow.

Drawing from her background in improvisational comedy and education, Claire’s customized workshops use participatory methods that teach practical knowledge and skills through highly interactive methodologies and real-life business lessons. She has the ability to quickly read people, assess situations, then communicate and recommend solutions, to differentiate her coaching. Claire is known for her upbeat, energized, fresh, fun delivery that is motivational, always practical, and business-forward. Her techniques help individuals and organizations foster innovation, build confidence, take initiative, improve communication skills, collaborate, take risks, and enhance creativity and productivity. Participants repeatedly speak of her positive energy, professionalism, intelligence, organization, and detail-oriented learning opportunities. She thrives on educating while entertaining audiences because people learn better when they have fun and use all their senses.

In 2010, Claire was named one of the Top 25 Women to Watch in Dallas by the Dallas Business Journal. Most recently, she was certified as a Laughter Yoga Leader. She has been a radio show host and authored the book, Circle Up! Creating a Culture of Fun and Productivity through the Lens of Improvisational Comedy, along with a score of training manuals.

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