Diane Ciotta

Diane Ciotta has been stimulating a variety of audiences for 27 years with her unique ability to humbly relate to groups while offering a strong and sincere message of accountability.

After two decades in sales and sales management, Diane followed her entrepreneurial instincts and established Training Classics in 1989 as a sales refinement company committed to presenting integrity based techniques. She has impacted countless sales professionals around the country through her high-energy skills enhancement seminars.

As a result of her positive influence and numerous keynote requests, Diane broadened her focus outside the preverbal sales training box and diversified her company doing business as: The Keynote Effect. Diane’s philosophies for success have been published in over 60 US magazines and online as well as in her first book, co-authored with renowned motivational speaker Brian Tracy, entitled “Pushing to The Front.” Her own book “Shut-Up & Sell!” emphasizes the importance of listening versus talking to achieve “extra” ordinary results in professional sales!

Diane was born and raised and still resides in central Jersey with the love of her life, Tom, and has two terrific sons and a sweet daughter-in-law.

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