Eric Maddox

Eric Maddox was a rookie interrogator in 2003 when he was assigned to a Special Operations Task Force for what was intended to be one day. He eventually stayed with them for 3 months and, by way of his interrogation methods he developed, led the task force directly to the location of Saddam Hussein. War had changed and what he had been taught in interrogation school was no longer applicable in the war the United States was fighting. He needed to adapt. Through his desire to be an asset to the Task Force and not fail his mission, he began to explore different methods to elicit information from the most unwilling participants. He has now conducted over 2700 interrogations with individuals from 25 different countries with many different languages and has had unrivaled success. Using his methods repeatedly for many years has allowed him to hone his skills in negotiations and information elicitation to the highest success rates. Now a civilian himself, Eric brings those skills to the the private sector and helps businesses with negotiations, information elicitation (internally and externally), optimization, and learning to adapt in an ever changing market. Eric tells his story and leaves the audience inspired and motivated with new tools to help propel them forward in any endeavor.

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