Gary Xavier

Gary Xavier witnessed his father die when he was 15. He died on the 4th of July, 1997 in the home Gary grew up in, and Gary has experienced suffering and what it does to a family first hand. Because of a business partnership that went in an unexpected direction, he had to crater a business after six months of hard work. Gary has experienced what happens first hand when business teams split up. Gary has been in schools who have seen horrible tragedies and are trying to make sense of it. It is his never-ending mission to see human groups unite. This idea may seem like he wants everyone to get along. That is not what he's talking about. Gary's mission involves a great deal of hard discussions and situations. But the victory occurs when people begin respect one another in conflict and begin to see themselves in other people. When they see the brutal realities they face.

The training Gary provides is designed to open the eyes and hearts of people working for a common cause. Families, businesses and schools all share a common purpose. Gary Xavier brings that purpose into reality and help them prepare for either the inevitable success or suffering they will endure.

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