Janelle Hallier

Meet Janelle Hallier: a passionate, curious, and deeply inspired woman who has dedicated her life to furthering the understanding of universal well-being. Janelle seeks knowledge in all the places that are vital to personal harmony, believing that the more tools she has in her own toolbox, the more she’s keenly apt to guide others along the path of becoming the best possible versions of themselves.

She strives to be a thought leader—a well-rounded coach helping to craft each client’s unique game plan. She pays close attention to the client before her, getting to know the intricate details that encompass them as human beings: the ins and outs; the ups and downs; what makes them tick and what will keep them moving forward positively.

Janelle believes in treating people wholly and holistically. In this place she helps the client understand how to trust their own calibration and make decisions based on the intelligence they already hold within them.

In addition to her knowledge as a health and wellness leader, Janelle is a practicing sensuality coach. With her keen balance of masculine and feminine energies, she sets an example for her clients by practicing what she preaches in her everyday encounters, even with something as simple as a subtle touch or playful eye contact. Janelle guides each client into tapping in to living their greatest desires through their own natural sensuality.

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