Jermaine Andre

A 2x professional combat Martial Arts World Champion, Jermaine Andre has soared over hurdles that would trip most up instantly. During a confusing time in his life, Jermaine did the wrong thing for the right reason and landed in prison for 6 years. But it was a year in solitary confinement that guided him to find himself, realize his Emotional Intelligence and create an indestructable core of courage and determination. The stance of discipline and respect that he developed was so powerful, that other solitary confinement inmates sought his guidance and teachings while swearing an oath under him of respect and care for all. Jermaine's undeniable recruiting power of helping others to feel valued did not stop with the inmates. Even the guards sought Jermaine's fitness and mental calmness mentor ship inside the prison. This eventually led to the prison administration giving Jermaine the gym to teach Martial Arts and his ideologies on respect & discipline. Jermaine continued to loyally follow his professed ideologies of honor even when released from prison with only $40 in his pocket. This led him to dominate the professional, combat martial arts arena as an MMA pioneer who traveled the world to compete in; Las Vegas, Japan, Canada, Hawaii! He quickly accomplished 5 U.S. titles, multiple World Champion titles and even competed on the UFC! Jermaine also secured many celebrities as their trusted personal bodyguard. At age 40 he was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

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