John Sweeney

John M. Sweeney is a Kindness Coach and social entrepreneur from Cork Ireland, and he believes that kindness matters to every one of us. He believes everyone should be kind to each other, but just as importantly, he believes everyone should be kind to themselves. The hardest thing in life is being kinder to yourself – he's here to show you how.

Since 2013, John has led a worldwide kindness movement called Suspended Coffees. Each week its messages of kindness and hope reach over 2 million people. He started Suspended Coffees because he wants to live in a world where people are kind to one another, a world where bullying is rare, and random acts of kindness happen every day. Every day he works with countless people across the globe to make this dream a reality.

John's ability to get to the root of what makes people happy is a rare gift. Kindness is a core philosophy of everything he does, and when people hear that, they immediately begin to think about ways they can be kind to other people, which is great. However, before we can truly be kind to others, we need to be kind to ourselves.

John works with people to help them adopt a philosophy of self-kindness, which can have a huge impact on every area of their lives. We all forget to be kind to ourselves, and just like a football player needs coaching to become a better player, we humans need coaching to be kinder to ourselves, because our lives really do depend on it.


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