Karlyn Borysenko

Karyn's goal is to make professional life better for individuals, and drive productivity and results for organizations. She fixes the "people problems". She helps individuals build better working relationships across their organizations, navigate office politics, create a great organizational culture, build and lead more productive teams, and be great managers. She's one of the few workplace bullying experts in the country. She can help individuals who have been targeted, or organizations who think they might have a bullying problem on their hands. And if you work in sales or fundraising, she can teach you how to "read" your prospects to increase your close rate and generate more revenue.

She's an MBA, a PhD in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (ABD), and a certified DiSC Trainer. She believes passionately that an organization's most valuable resource is its people, and that leaders have a responsibility to put structures, processes, and systems in place that will support employee success, development, job satisfaction, and organizational culture.

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