Kathi Kulesza

Professional Speaker, Body/Mind Transformation Guru, Personal & Group Fitness Trainer/Instructor, and Published Author

My journey has lead me here. I am a Body/Mind Transformation Expert.

I support busy entrepreneurs and executives as they choose and create a better version of themselves. It is a competitive landscape in the business world, which is why it is important for my clients to present the best versions of themselves.

My life and business experience coupled with my certifications provide me with the skills to support my clients on their personal wellness journey.

I have a unique blend of leadership and executive experience coupled with my experience in fitness, wellness, and life coaching. As a result I am uniquely qualified to understand the challenges busy executives face day in and day out. I am able to support them along their journey to implementing a healthy lifestyle resulting in more energy, more time, better health, and success in their endeavors.


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