Kelly McCausey

Kelly McCausey got her start as a Solopreneur in 2002. She was a single mom with one young son at the time and focused on creating graphics and websites for other home based business owners. She launched Work at Home Mom Talk Radio in November of 2003 and discovered the power of content to build a community. In 2004 Kelly launched the Mom Masterminds membership program with Alice Seba. She also began creating her own information products and working one on one with coaching clients in 2005.

WAHM Talk Radio was rebranded to Solo Smarts in 2011; at the same time Kelly embraced her empty nest and all that meant for her life. (Hurray for freedom to travel!)

Today Kelly blogs, podcasts, designs, partners, creates information products, runs membership programs, holds live retreats, and coaches others to get where they want to be in an online business. Finding success in serving others set her free from debt and the day job. It has given her freedom she once considered unbelievable.

About Solopreneurs:

A Solopreneur builds a business light and tight on purpose with an eye on achieving lifestyle goals alongside profits. They aren’t temporarily burning the midnight oil to create the next big start up, have no interest in being accountable to investors or someday taking on staff. Being light on their feet and quick to outsource what they can’t or don’t want to do, they’re building some of the most exciting businesses on the internet today. One person making a difference, meeting needs and changing lives.

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