Kim Arrey

Food has the power to change how you feel and perform. Adding both common sense and a liberal dose of humor to her 35 years as a dietitian nutritionist, Kim will show you how to use food as an anti-aging tool, so you can live a life with no limits-doing what you love, while enjoying what you eat. Her people skills, coupled with extensive knowledge has allowed Kim to assist countless individuals develop good habits, lose weight and find pain relief. Author of “The Complete Arthritis Health, Diet Guide and Cookbook” with rheumatologist Dr. Michael Starr, Kim speaks on healthy eating choices, transforming complex scientific information into easy to understand terms helping her clients get results even the doctors are happy to write home about. Kim is often asked to comment on nutrition issues by local, national and even international journalists. She has appeared on Canada AM, This Morning Live, and ABC Melbourne Breakfast. Kim is a graduate of McGill University and a member of Ordre Professionnelle des Dietetistes du Quebec, Dietitians of Canada, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Kim is on the Advisory Board of the Arthritis Society Quebec Division and a member of the Arthritis Society of Canada “Ask the Experts” panel.

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