Lane Shuler

I.N.K. is the poetry duo of Lane Shuler and Jonathan “Courageous” Clark. The group was formed when Shuler, already dealing with depression, suffered an accident that left him with an irreversible hearing impairment. This led Shuler to reach out to Courageous, the bi-racial Knoxville native, who had been performing poetry since the age of thirteen.

Ultimately, it was the power of the word that brought them together. After making Group Finals at the National Poetry Slam and finals at the Southern Fried Poetry Slam, I.N.K. now travels to colleges and poetry venues around the country sharing their diverse body of work. Due to their differing racial and life backgrounds, their entertaining perspectives on everyday life are perfect for diversity events, emceeing, writing events, Black History Month, comedy, and much more. Their casts include workshops to help be a better writer, sessions to give tips to be better speakers or performers, and how to run a poetry slam competition for your college or corporation.


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