Lisa Petrilli

Lisa Petrilli ran a $750 million medication delivery business unit within a Fortune 1000 company while negotiating global licensing, commercialization, and co-marketing contracts with pharmaceutical companies. She presented a groundbreaking environmental program to a United Nations Conference in Geneva, Switzerland at the age of just 26, and spent a year as an Executive Leadership Trainer training executives on leadership principles and strategies, as well as how to create and communicate a vision for their organization.  

Lisa has considerable experience working with C-level executives on growth strategies, creating business visions, leading teams, providing executive leadership training and implementing Herculean initiatives.

She became a well-known leadership coach, speaker, and blogger as well as Author of The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership and Co-Author of The Character-Based Leader. In her current role as Chief Operating and Marketing Officer of the To Be A Woman Global Empowerment Platform, and as a protégé of Vanda Teixeira, Lisa now helps women and men in the business world follow the bridge to the wisdom to empower their careers, uncover their life purpose, and consciously fulfill what they came her to do and to be.

She was named a Top 20 Social CMO by Forbes and has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and more. She has an MBA from Kellogg Graduate School of Business at Northwestern.

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