Lucas Handwerker

Lucas Handwerker is a certified hypnotist, writer, TEDx speaker, master practitioner of NLP, and trained conflict mediator. Above all else, Lucas Handwerker is a facilitator of change and a catalyst for effective action. Lucas gives interactive, engaging and deeply impactful presentations and trainings for organizations of all sizes and variety. Lucas's focus is on teaching skills and techniques your team will use everyday, while giving them an entertaining and unique learning experience.

What others are saying:

"Lucas... is a brilliant, inspired, and committed navigator of inner space."
-Mitch Ditkoff, President, Idea Champions Inc.

"Lucas works to help people overcome their internal obstacles and realize their life's full potential."
-Boca Raton Tribune

"Lucas...did a presentation that was fun, and thought provoking.. I would recommend him to any organization."
-Robert Tonner, CEO Tonner Doll Co.

"Lucas leaves audiences gasping at the untapped power of their own mind. He entertains and educates at the same time."
-Martha Frankel, Co_Founder; Woodstock Writers Festival

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