Could I Be Getting In the Way of My Team’s Success?

Marli Rusen

Could I Be Getting In the Way of My Team’s Success? Understanding the Most Common—Yet Unintentional—Leadership “Pitfalls”

The role of the modern leader is not an easy task. Leaders are expected to run operations efficiently, balance budgets, and increase profits all while building a workplace culture of respect, trust, and transparency.

Unfortunately, many leaders are promoted to their roles without being given comprehensive training and practical tools on how to effectively hold staff accountable, communicate expectations, and implement change. As a result, they often engage in leadership practices that “get in the way” of their teams’ success. This results in day-to-day resistance and increasingly leads to formal complaints against leaders on the basis of alleged bullying and harassment. Leaders don’t want to end up in this position but they simply don’t know how to avoid it.

Marli Rusen is an attorney with over 20 years’ experience in working with leaders to build–or rebuild– their teams in order to achieve financial success and sustainable workplace cultures. Marli recently published a book on this topic based on her cumulative experiences and insights as a legal consultant, workplace mediator, and labor arbitrator titled “The MIRROR Method: How to build productive teams by ending workplace dysfunction.”

In this one hour course, Marli will:

- Outline the most common leadership practices that interfere (often unintentionally) with team success. These include issues related to decision-making, communication and transparency, change management, and team accountability;
- Provide practical guidance on minor and immediate “tweaks” leaders can make to their day to day interactions with their teams;
- Outline leadership practices that are entirely defensible and acceptable, yet are often “branded” otherwise by team members who are resistant to workplace change and/or accountability; and
- Show how leadership self-awareness, self-reflection, and personal responsibility is an ongoing and critical part of effecting change in others—through the MIRROR Method and generally.

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Marli Rusen brings years of extensive experience as a labor, employment, and human rights attorney to her current work as a workplace mediator/arbitrator, leadership consultant, trusted team builder and noted expert in resolving any type of organizational dysfunction. After law school, Marli spent over 18 years as an attorney specializing in medical malpractice (representing members of the medical profession) and labor, employment and human rights law (representing CEOs, CAOs, and members of their leadership teams). Marli continues to be an active, practicing member of her Law Society and provides objective third-party advice to leaders on how to best assess, respond to, and remedy complaints that arise in any area of their organizations—from staff dynamics to customer complaints to tensions on their executive teams. Marli also engages in applied work with leaders and their teams, helping them to build (or re-build) individual and team dynamics in order to achieve enhanced productivity and overall success. Marli has used her vast and varied experience to develop proactive and timely "tools" for leaders and their teams to use to make evidence-based decisions and successfully resolve disruptive and challenging workplace dynamics. This has culminated in the publication of her book, “The MIRROR Method: how to build productive teams by ending workplace dysfunction” which shows leaders how to build productive and profitable teams through individual accountability.

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Could I Be Getting In the Way of My Team’s Success?