Michael Henderson

With years of law enforcement and investigative experience under his belt before contracting as an executive protection specialist starting in 1996 and launching Phoenix Risk Assessment in 2010, Michael is a proven agent in the world of personal private security serving corporate executives, families, political clients, athletes, and organizations. His expertise comes from top-tier specialized training in weaponry, anti-terrorism, emergency evacuations, executive protection, self-defense, and threat assessment techniques. The sense of nobility and honor Michael brings to this expertise has earned him the respect and trust of his peers, his clients, and the media.

Henderson’s highly trained team of elite agents and specialists located across the country investigate, architect preventative protection plans, and design and implement offense and defense strategies in nearly every aspect of the personal or professional lives, private events, or organizational needs for his clients. Michael and his team strategically consult with clients ranging from high powered executives, business owners, families, stalker victims, athletes, and entertainers to political figures and diplomats who all want one thing: to minimize their risk.

A frequent international traveler due to the nature of his work, Henderson has developed a stellar reputation as an innovative and comprehensive industry innovator, leading the highest caliber agents procured from coast to coast.


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