Michael Pelfini

The training and coaching that Mike Pelfini provides draws from over three decades of his work as a teacher, senior executive and CEO. When you work with Mike you can expect his full engagement as your trusted advisor/thought partner. You’ll get real tools to produce the results that you and your company seek. Mike’s work is informed by the Whole Brain® Thinking model developed by Ned Herrmann. Using brain research and his own studies while head of Management Development at General Electric, Herrmann discovered four patterns that characterize how the brain receives and processes information. The Whole Brain® model emerged as a scientifically validated metaphor for describing the four different preference modes. The Whole Brain® model, and the HBDI® assessment that evaluates degrees of preference for thinking in each of the four quadrants, were created for real life business applications. By understanding our own preferences and those of the people with whom we work, we can apply that understanding to achieve greater success; enhance communication; build alignment and team effectiveness; accelerate effective decision-making; expand impact; and increase profitability.


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