Michelle Causton

Michelle Causton, is a communication specialist born from a strong desire to share ideas and build better communities.

She is a Fellow and Life Member of the Chartered Professional Accountants and the Certified General Accountants of Ontario. She holds a Master of Business Administration from Laurentian University.

While working in public accounting, she discovered that her personal success came from connecting with clients - explaining complex accounting and tax concepts in meaningful ways.

As a professor of accounting she took these skills to the classroom, sharing wisdom and humour with her students. Whether her work plan was to teach management or intermediate accounting, tax, payroll administration or auditing she found the conversation returning again and again to how people interact. Policies and procedures, rules and laws can provide guidance but cannot ensure good ethical behaviour. Dismayed to realize that some students thought of cheating as an acceptable, but covert, behaviour she looked for ways to guide and dissuade.

Outside of the classroom she began to look for the convergence of ethical behaviour, clarity in problem solving, precise communication and personal success.

An active member of the Certified General Accountants Association of Ontario for many years she served as the board president in 2000/2001. During this time she became fascinated with the working of boards and committees, with the interaction of people, with the way communication enhances and impedes understanding. She began to delve into good governance practices and was reminded that rules play a very limited role in good behaviour.

Rushworth Kidder and the Institute of Global Ethics provided a cornerstone for further exploration of how and why people behave as they do.

Michelle is a devoted admirer of the work of Dan Ariely. His course in behavioural economics gave her new insights into how signals such as performance evaluations, personal and organizational goals and perhaps most importantly - money, influence behaviour in strange and unexpected ways.

Michelle is a speaker, author, presentation skills consultant, Excel advisor, educator and trainer. She has authored several articles and delivered workshops across Canada and the Caribbean. She sees communication as the basic ingredient in ethics, governance, management and personal success.

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