Michelle Meyer

Michelle M. Meyer is a mom, a national speaker and the founder of Girl Authentic. Michelle works with professionals—women and men—to restore real femininity in the workplace. She seeks to open new avenues of dialog, balance, wealth and abundance for individuals, organizations and communities.

Girl Authentic is a crazy, retro-futuristic invitation for genuine dialog. It’s a movement to talk about, and introduce ideas of bringing forth the feminine.

Michele is willing to bet that many today are going to think she is discussing a gender issue; that this is a “women’s issue”. That is understandable, because this has been talked about almost exclusively in the context of a gender issue (for women) for the past couple of decades. However, Michelle proposes that this really ISN’T a gender issue – it is about how all of us want to live and work.

We’ve begun to look for this elusive equilibrium, and it’s turning up in some unique places.

Relationally speaking, bringing forth the feminine brings balance. This generation is awakening to the chance of a balanced culture and workplace with masculine and feminine potency recovered.

Practically and professionally speaking, a new era of business opportunity is arriving. There is unprecedented opportunity to build new structures and whole-life business frameworks to support and nurture this growing awareness.


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