Mireille Ryan

Mireille Ryan is the CEO of the Social Media Marketing Institute and Founder of Social Intelligence HQ, a social listening, strategy and intelligence digital consultancy that helps clients turn their social media data into effective business decisions and strategy. Mireille is also an award-winning entrepreneur and keynote speaker.

Mireille has learned firsthand the importance of communicating through content and social media to reach her ideal audience. All the skills Mireille has learned in the digital marketing space are because of needing to learn how to use them in her own companies. When other business owners saw Mireille’s success, they started asking her for help.

Brands hire Mireille to help them discover their own brand voice and implement the principles of content marketing and social media strategy to drive traffic into their businesses and accelerate profits. Mireille consults with brands to keep them abreast of trends in the digital space, especially in the area of social media intelligence.


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