Nancy Friedman

When Oprah, The Today Show, CBS This Morning, Good Morning America, Good Morning Canada and Great Britain, CNN, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and other well respected publications need an expert on Customer Service they call on Nancy Friedman. You should too.

Nancy has appeared on hundreds of radio and TV shows over the years. Her common sense and “down to earth” actionable material provides a great package for any conference or major event.

The author of eight books on communications, sales, and customer service, Nancy will energize, inspire, and motivate you with tips, ideas, skills, and techniques you’ll use the rest of your life. Nancy’s keynote speaker presentations are high-energy, high in content, and best of all, high-results!

YOUR PEOPLE STINK! With that succinct phrase, Nancy Friedman canceled her insurance policies, and “fired” her insurance company. “Mike,” she told her agent, “We treat our wrong numbers better than you treat your customers.

“You’re great, but you’re never there... and the people who handle me are rude, unfriendly, unhelpful, and just plain unwilling to help. I don’t have to be treated like that... I won’t be treated like that. Just cancel my policies.”

To his credit, the insurance agent did not simply slink into the night. He asked Nancy to come in and tell his staff exactly what they were doing wrong. She agreed, and that first program marked the beginning of a highly successful new career.

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