Paul Curci

Paul Curci works at the intersection of human development, business strategy, and organizational change. His 25 years of experience advising local, regional and national businesses in the areas of strategic communications has led to his current executive coaching, consulting and facilitation career.

Paul works directly with senior executives to support change efforts and manage the risk associated with communicating transformational change initiatives. He looks at business performance through the lens of communication, leadership, and culture. Creating the organization's 'culture narrative' and applying principles of strengths-based leadership are central to Paul's work with executives.

His consulting practice focuses on strategy implementation, developing high-performing teams, and aligning internal communications throughout large complex enterprises. His current clients are based in the US and UK.

As a CTI trained and ICF certified coach and facilitator, Paul works with Fortune 500 and non-profits leaders in a wide variety of industries. His leadership work is featured in Productive Workplaces (third edition), by Marvin Weisbord.

Paul holds a B.F.A. from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art and was a practicing fine artist for over ten years. He was also a successful altweekly publisher for over 15 years.

Paul lives in center city, Philadelphia with his wife and four young sons, all of whom help keep his coaching skills sharp.

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