Rosemary Watson

Rosemary Watson is a performer who wears many hats, not to mention many wigs!

As a voiceover artist and producer, her work has been heard around the world in every type of media from TV commercials and late night shows (David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel) to cartoons and radio (The Howard Stern Show) to games, iPad apps and thousands of videos for businesses around the world. An accomplished singer, she has performed for high-end corporate events and five-star venues such as The Bellagio, The Paris Hotel and The Four Seasons. As an impersonator and comedienne/satirist, she has generated many popular internet videos and is regularly requested to perform her ‘spot-on’ impersonation of Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton for clients here and abroad.

In what is being called one of the best Hollywood ‘pay-it-forward’ stories, Rosemary wrote to her idol Carol Burnett in the summer of 2012. A week later, the comedy legend called Rosemary and offered to help further her career. A few months later Ms. Burnett went on to tout Rosemary on “CBS, This Morning!” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” as one of her favorite ‘new comediennes’.

A year later, Carol requested that Rosemary perform at the 16th Annual Mark Twain Prize for Humor held before an audience of 2400 at The Kennedy Center in Washington DC. This marked Rosemary’s first time performing her impressions before a live audience.


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