Torin Ellis

Torin Ellis is a People Strategist, focused on the business need of recruiting diverse talent using various creative methods. Torin has an accomplished background that includes 17 years of Recruitment and Sourcing efforts, military service, several Board of Director appointments and unwavering spirit of giving back to the community and emerging youth. For individuals, Torin has a passion for bringing calm, encouragement, and process to what many have deemed a stressful life event—the job interview. For clients, that passion is extended through his work with Business and C-Suite decision makers using the leadership lens. Strategically, Torin pursues a top down process broken into parts: discovery, implementation, and the recruiting function. Tactically, he curates engagement and experiential solutions that activate and identify proven talent and build high performing teams. His team provides candidate coaching, candidate validation, boot camps for undergraduates, documentary films, hybrid recruiting search, and recruitment marketing services. The brand includes Monday Mover, Rip The Resume, Second Motive, and Talentphlo. An advocate for diversity and inclusion, Mr. Ellis was named Top Recruiter in Top Recruiter Season 4, Reign of the Bosses. Torin served as an advisor in Season 5 (London/Paris). His book, Rip The Resume, an interview preparation resource for 18 to 30 years old job seekers, was published by Petersons (September 2016).

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