Vanda Teixeira

Vanda Teixeira has personally led thousands of high-profile executives, professional athletes, medical professionals, religious leaders, and celebrities to raise their conscious awareness of leadership – and themselves – to drive greater success and fulfillment.

She is able to do this because first and foremost she is a healer. She moves energy like no other. She teaches people how to look deep within themselves for the power to heal themselves and their lives by healing the hurt in their heart and the hurt of the past.

She offers a journey deep into yourself so that you may rise up to your truest path, your own thread of light, to be who you came here to be.

Vanda is Founder & CEO of Vanda Inc., the To Be A Woman Global Empowerment Platform, 2BU Teen Empowerment Platform, and The Magic Ribbon Philanthropic Campaign, Author of the highly-acclaimed book ‘To Be A Woman,’ and Creator of Tools for Your Soul™. She is an internationally recognized and award-winning businesswoman, entrepreneur, financial advisor, designer, couturier and a leading authority on empowerment. At her core Vanda is a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Divine Healer, and preeminent expert on energy in all its forms. She is a game-changer in every space she has pursued. She inspires people in a way no one else can because she is able to speak directly to your soul. It’s undeniable.

She created the To Be A Woman monthly journeys for women to help them consciously fulfill what they have come here to do and to be.

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