Businesses Don't Fail ... They Commit Suicide

Larry Mandelberg

CORE MESSAGE: Every financially viable business with appealing products & services should succeed yet far too many commit suicide.

CREATING INTEREST: Most failed businesses fail because management doesn't understand the core operational components they need to create, maintain and use on a daily basis.

PROVING THE POINT: McDonalds has thrived for over 60 years using those same operational components and continues to be a global economic force, they're not about quality, prestige, or big money.

MAKING IT VALUABLE: There are only three things a business needs to focus on (hint, money isn't one of them!) and those three things can be easily measured with eight leading, non-financial indicators; it's easy if you know how!

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Larry Mandelberg is a consultant, speaker and author with more than 150 years of business experience. As a natural leader and corporate Pathfinder, Larry has published over 80 columns and delivered more than 60 business-changing keynotes and workshops. He is a proven catalyst for profitable change, and wants to change the way businesses work in this country.

Larry has always been fascinated with why well-conceived, well-funded, well managed businesses fail so frequently. His passion is to understand why and find a way to stop the failures.

The critical component of failure has always been human behavior and the link between the ‘human element’ and the organization as an entity. Organizations have human characteristics, e.g. a lifecycle, just like people, and the two are inexorably aligned. For his clients he hopes to help them accomplish achievement of their personal dreams (vision) and those of their employees. For the community, he wants to ensure that everybody who wants a job has one that they love and every employer loves their staff which results in help wanted ads being as common as cassettes.

Married 34 years, no children by choice, loves dogs, hates cats, never had any cavities, scuba to 110’, skydiving from 12,000 feet, Larry officiates weddings, funerals and other lifecycle events. He also serves as Jewish Chaplain for local hospitals, county jail & VA Hospital.

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Businesses Don't Fail ... They Commit Suicide