Closing the Discretionary Effort Gap: How Employee Engagement and Development Can Unleash Extraordinary Results

Julie Winkle Giulioni
Nearly 3 out of 4 employees admit that they don't give their best effort at work. And that has huge implications for organizations: lackluster productivity, missed deadlines, absence of initiative, errors, inefficiency, and lack of accountability. Discretionary effort - the difference between what an employee is capable of bringing to the job and what's required to ‘just get by' - may be the most powerful and untapped resource you have for driving firm results.

This highly interactive session addresses how leaders can leverage employee engagement and development to once and for all close that discretionary effort gap with a focus on:

- Deconstructing the dynamics of discretionary effort

- Exploring what most commonly drives employees nuts

- Understanding the motivation/morale cycle

- Engaging others through ‘0-budget implication' strategies

- Re-conceiving employee and career development in today's flat and flat-out environment Identifying what you can do tomorrow to improve results

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Julie Winkle Giulioni has spent the past 25 years improving performance through learning. She’s partnered with hundreds of organizations to develop and deploy innovative leadership training solutions that are in use worldwide.

Prior to co-founding DesignArounds 15 years ago, Julie was director of product development for AchieveGlobal, one of the world’s largest commercial training companies. She also held multiple training leadership roles and was a department chair and professor at the Southern California university.

Julie was named one of Inc. Magazines top 100 leadership speakers and received the Global HR Excellence Award for Strategic Leadership from the World HR Congress earlier this year.

She is the co-author of the Amazon bestseller, Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees Want, a respected speaker on a variety of topics, and a regular contributor to many business publications.

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Closing the Discretionary Effort Gap: How Employee Engagement and Development Can Unleash Extraordinary Results