Cracking the Corporate Culture Code - Introducing UGRs

Steve Simpson

Leaders are now beginning to realize that their corporate culture fundamentally impacts on performance.

The problem is that most people fail to understand culture in simple and practical terms. What we don't understand, we don't manage. And what we don't manage, we become victims of.

This session with international speaker and author Steve Simpson introduces his concept of UGRs - unwritten ground rules - hailed by companies across the globe as a breakthrough in helping people understand and strategically manage their workplace culture.

This session introduces the concept of UGRs and how they drive people's behavior. You'll see outcomes from world first research into UGRs undertaken by two Australian universities. Then you'll be guided through the process of using UGRs to boost culture.

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Whether it’s creating a culture to deliver great service, helping leaders understand their role in shaping the culture, helping teams perform better, equipping people to revel in change initiatives, or getting people to take safety seriously, Steve reveals how his concept of UGRs – unwritten ground rules – can be used to effect lasting, positive change.

Steve’s insights are not based on theory. In addition to his conference presentations, he has worked in-house with a range of organizations on different continents over extended period of time. He knows the pitfalls, traps, objections and issues that emerge when people are challenged to re-think the ‘way we do things around here’.

Steve is the author of two books including ‘UGRs: Cracking the Corporate Culture Code’. He is the co-author to a further three books, the latest being ‘A Culture Turned’. He has a Masters Degree from the University of Alberta, and was invited to undertake an Australian city lecture tour to co-present with Harvard University Professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter.

Steve has worked with companies in countries including the UK, the US, the UAE, South Africa and various Asian countries.

The National Speakers Association of Australia recognised Steve’s achievements by awarding him the prestigious 2015 Australian Educator of the Year Award.

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Cracking the Corporate Culture Code - Introducing UGRs