Don't Let the Pool Go Green

Chris Atley

There is a lot in our world to contend with....we witness this each day in our personal and professional lives and in what we watch, read or simply experience. Chris enlightens her audience with the awareness that work / life balance does not actually exist, and how to let go of perfectionism and unhealthy expectations. Her intention is to instill in her audiences how to traverse their journey from a place of freedom and positive self-care in order to design their lives by the decisions they choose.

Chris shares practical tools on how shift limited thinking and how to do start doing what they love in ALL areas of their lives. She practices her mantra of “Do what you love and live the life of your dreams.”

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Chris Atley is an instigator. Yes, this is a good thing…. Her corporate and small business clients achieve growth in revenues by shifting belief systems leading to innovation and the rewards of persevering through inevitable transitions. Her youth audiences receive the knowledge and skills to create their life by conscious decision, which will impact futures of communities.

When her life becomes blasé, Chris puts an intention ahead of her that challenges her to sort it out. Whether it is growing a global business, buying the dream house on the ocean, traveling the world, sitting at the feet of sages or equipping amazing people to expand their vision of possibilities, this quest for solutions leads Chris to persevere against odds, and ultimately have faith in the outcome and herself.

The results of this instigating are not only manifesting a magical life based on her decisions, but her experiences continue to create knowledge, which she uses to teach others to shift their belief system and realize that many limits in our lives are merely perceived. In her speaking, coaching, products and events, Chris illuminates the pathway….and then provides the guidance for walking it.

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Don't Let the Pool Go Green