Everything is Rigged: Hedge Fund Manager Shows You How to Beat the System

Joel Block

Knowledge is power. A few have it but most don't.

The first step to beating the system is understanding the system. In this fun, fast-paced, controversial and stimulating program, Joel explains the 10 reasons why retail investors don't have a chance, and how all markets are rigged against them. They're not rigged in an illegal way, but the odds are stacked so far against them that it's almost impossible for retail investors to make real money. Joel goes on to untangle the complex rules that mystify consumers from air travel, to insurance, to banking to politics - all designed to separate consumers from their cash.

- Learn why professional investors can make more in five days than others can make in five years.
- Learn why the fastest way to grow your nest egg may not be the most obvious.

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Joel Block is a long-time venture capitalist and Hedge Fund manager who criss-crosses the country addressing Silicon Valley venture firms to Wall Street bankers on matters of capital formation and most recently, on Investment CrowdFunding.

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Everything is Rigged: Hedge Fund Manager Shows You How to Beat the System