EXHAUSTED, CONFUSED, AND TICKED OFF – Hope for a New Beginning When Change Has Done You In!

Barbara Glanz

Change is rampant in our world today, especially in this depressed economy. Resistance to change is not about the head as much as the heart, less about facts than it is about feelings. Leaders must learn not only to manage the processes of change but also the emotional aspects of dealing with change.

In order for people to move forward, they must learn to let go of the old ways and adjust to new ways of work and life. This session will help leaders guide employees to better understand the change process as well as their feelings in the midst of change. It will include a CONTROL INVENTORY™ for leaders to use as a strategic, concrete tool to manage change and to help employees gain more control and perform at a higher level in a dynamic work environment.

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A member of the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame and one of fewer than 700 Certified Speaking Professionals worldwide, Barbara Glanz, CSP, CPAE, works with organizations to improve morale, retention, and service with people who want to rediscover the joy in their work and in their lives. She is the first speaker on record to have spoken on all 7 continents and in all 50 states.

Known as "the business speaker who speaks to your heart as well as to your head," Barbara is the author of twelve books including "The Simple Truths of Service Inspired by Johnny the Bagger®", "CARE Packages for the Workplace", and "180 Ways to Spread Contagious Enthusiasm™". Voted "best keynote presenter you have heard or used" by Meetings & Conventions Magazine, Barbara uses her Master’s degree in Adult Learning to design programs that cause behavior change. She lives and breathes her personal motto: “Spreading Contagious Enthusiasm™”

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EXHAUSTED, CONFUSED, AND TICKED OFF – Hope for a New Beginning When Change Has Done You In!