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Dina Simon
When you or your business come to a crossroad and are unclear on how to move forward - you need to get creative in your problem solving. In Dina's book, Make Unstoppable Simple, Creative Problem Solving in Life and Leadership she shares the secret sauce to being unstoppable. She works with individuals and clients to help them breakthrough their most complex problems to find the roadmap to moving forward. Dina is a c-suite leader that has worked with fortune 100 companies in recruiting and leading their most valuable asset, their people. Learn how to be Unstoppable in leading through change for yourself as a leader and for your team. Walk away with a 1-page plan to turn the dials of success and find your Unstoppableness.

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Dina started her career in a Human Resource seat and then quickly found herself working in the Staffing Industry. During her 20 years in the staffing industry she worked her way up from a recruiter to a VP managing $500 million in sales. Recognized as successfully managing multi-billion dollar sales teams, Dina is often called upon to speak about working through difficult situations and building unstoppable relationships and teams. Dina has managed national talent acquisition strategies for Amazon, PepsiCo, Apple Computer, Hewlett Packard and the list goes on. Growing up in staffing, Dina brings her sales training and passion for developing sales leaders to support their customers. If you want to build unstoppable relationships with your clients, she can show you how!

Today, Dina serves as the CEO of Simon Says Lead®, a consulting firm that is designated as a benefit corporation supporting her daughter Mandi’s nonprofit, Simon Says Give®. Dina is the author of Make Unstoppable Simple – creative problem solving in life and leadership. In her book she shares the personal story of her leadership journey and the secrets of becoming "unstoppable" in life and business. In her role as CEO, she works closely with clients to uncover business goals and objectives and how to creatively problem solve to turn-the-dial to positive results.

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Find your Unstoppableness