Get Unstuck: Learn how to Problem Solve Better

William Donius

While logical, conventional thinking is useful most of the time, it simply can't deliver fresh ideas all of the time. Disruption is changing the way businesses operate. Isn't it time to disrupt the way we think?

Telling someone to “think outside the box” is a lot like showing a child the answer to a math problem without sharing the steps involved to get there. How does one really “think outside the box?” It's surprisingly easy to learn. Plus, there is science to back it up. Fresh, independent, and creative thoughts are possible simply by activating the right hemisphere of the brain. Combined with logical thinking these ideas can change a company or revolutionize a career. William termed this process Ideation -; a disruption of traditional brainstorming. And it works on problems both big and small.

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William A. Donius teaches his creative method of problem solving to a wide range of Fortune 500 corporations and employees. Donius spent the past seven years conducting research with hundreds of test subjects to determine if his methodology for unlocking innovation, intuition and creativity could be applied to corporate America. The research findings were conclusive and led to a book. The result is his New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, Thought Revolution. His recent TEDx Talk, “Unlocking the Brain’s Hidden App” explains Ideation, a new approach to brainstorming.

Nearly twenty of Donius’ thirty years were engaged in the corporate world. Donius rose through the ranks of corporate America to become Chairman and CEO of Pulaski Bank in St Louis. He led the bank through a successful initial public offering in 1998. During his tenure the bank grew eight-fold in size to $1.4 billion in assets. It was ranked one of the top performing community banks in the country, voted Best Place to work in St. Louis and received an excellence award from the Better Business Bureau.

Donius was appointed to a two year term on the U.S. Federal Reserve Board in Washington, DC in 2008. He's served on nearly on over a dozen national and regional boards.

He departed banking to determine if they could apply his methodology to help them break through barriers and obstacles to gain insights about both their personal and professional lives. The journey resulted in the stories in his book.

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Get Unstuck: Learn how to Problem Solve Better