Hands On & Hearts Open: The human approach to engaging today's workforce

Ruth Ross

Engagement can and should occur at an exquisite level between your heart and soul and career. We all desire to feel highly connected to what we do. Engagement is what motivates people not only to feel dedicated to their job and their life, but also to feel rewarded by what they do and how they do it. It pushes people to look differently and go above and beyond not because they have to but because they want to.

Engagement is buying in, going all in, and contributing to the passion and mission of the company. It's what separates the striving companies from the thriving ones. With 68% of the US workforce identifying themselves as disengaged, resulting in $550 Billion a year in lost productivity, companies today cannot turn a blind eye to the importance of having a fully engaged workforce.

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“Engaged employees ignite growth.” It’s a philosophy Ruth K. Ross has believed in and practiced throughout her long career. She spent 30 years as a senior human resources leader at top Fortune 100 companies, including serving for ten years as an Executive Vice President of HR at Wells Fargo Bank in San Francisco from which she retired in 2011 to start her own company, R Squared Resources, which is focused on the critical business imperative of employee engagement where she works with companies and individuals to identify employee disengagement and create strategies for reengagement.

Prior to joining Wells Fargo, Ruth held senior leadership roles in human resources at Charles Schwab in San Francisco and before that at Estee Lauder Cosmetics, American Express/Shearson Lehman Brothers and Citibank in New York City. She’s a respected thought leader in the areas of employee engagement, culture, employee relations, management development and merger and acquisition integration.

Throughout her corporate HR career, Ruth was seen as an integral business partner to her clients and coached or counseled hundreds of managers on their journey to be the best and most engaging leader they could be. She’s a frequently respected speaker at corporate and industry events and is the author of “Coming Alive: The Journey To Reengage Your Life And Career”.

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Hands On & Hearts Open: The human approach to engaging today's workforce