Let's Talk about Race!

Vernellia Randall
Race is a topic that most people would prefer not to address because it feels dangerous. We are afraid of slippage, of a verbal gaffe or of having our experiences discounted. But talking about race and racism is essential to diversity and inclusion and necessary for organizational, institutional and personal success. This cast is designed to begin the conversation in a safe environment in a safe way. During the 90 minutes, We (1) define terms such race, racism, stereotypes, bias, prejudices and discrimination; (2) discuss the impact of lived experience on one views; (3) have a conversation about those lived experiences; and, (4) discuss steps that can be taken deal with institutional, systemic and individual racialized behavior.

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Professor Emerita Vernellia Randall is a recognized international leader and global collaborator on "race and racism", gender,  health disparities,  "diversity and inclusion".  Professor Randall speaks internationally and nationally at colleges, medical/law schools, professional associations, international conferences, including the United Nations.  Professor Randall published widely  (2 books, 33 articles, 12 chapters, and three reports) on topics of health disparities,  race and racism, minority retention, campus diversity, legal issues, and discrimination. 

Professor Randall started her career in healthcare as a nurse and family nurse practitioner. She then practiced insurance defense and health care law in a large firm in Portland, Oregon. She has been a professor of nursing, public health and a law professor.

During her 26 years of law teaching, Prof. Randall taught a wide variety of courses including Torts, Criminal Law, American Health Care Law, and Race and Racism in American Law.  The unique combination of teaching, health care, and legal experience informs her expertise on health disparities and health care disparities, race and racism including implicit bias, international human rights, mass incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline, and Descendants of Africans Enslaved in the United States (DAEUS).

She is a recipient of the Chairman’s Award from the Ohio Commission on Minority Health, and Ohio House of Representatives honored her with a Commendation.  

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Let's Talk about Race!