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Anat Baron
The empowered consumer is here. To stay. Brands are no longer in control. Consumers are in charge. And the secret sauce is relationships. Leadership, transparency, and agility have become even more important as everything happens in real time. In order to succeed, companies must communicate openly and make it easy to engage in 2-way conversations around their brands. Using her experience in the consumer space, Anat Baron will show you the path forward in this brave new world.

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Anat Baron is a force of nature. She spent her illustrious career moving at warp speed while shaping and defining the trends that form today's business world. She is a renowned expert in building winning teams, developing groundbreaking products and services, enhancing customer loyalty, improving brand experiences and driving profitability for companies of all sizes. An innovative leader, Baron has worked with top tier brands including Four Seasons Hotels, Holiday Inn, KLM, CBS, Warner Bros. and Conde Nast. She was also a Hollywood executive, a management consultant and a successful entrepreneur. While at the helm of Mike's Hard Lemonade, Baron turned around this new company and grew the brand into a $200 million juggernaut within three years, helping to create a new category in the ultra competitive beverage alcohol industry. Amazingly, she succeeded at Mike's despite her allergy to alcohol. After departing Mike's, Baron wrote, produced, and directed Beer Wars, a feature-length documentary that explores the David and Goliath story of the $100 billion US beer industry. This widely viewed film examines capitalism and free enterprise in 21st-century America, making it a staple in business schools across the country. She is currently the Founder and CEO of StashWall, a technology startup that provides one place for curating and organizing people's information, memories, and belongings. This disruptive company will be launching to the public in early 2014. Driving Baron's success is her belief that organizations should thrive on change rather than fear it. Her experiences as corporate executive, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and strategic consultant allow Anat Baron to share her proven strategies for building customer value, creating revolutionary products, inspiring innovation, and generating sustainable growth. She will take the time to understand your organization and your audience, and deliver an informative and highly engaging presentation that will help you achieve your goals.

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