Cultural Intelligence: Working Effectively with Israelis

Yair Paz

As more companies enter the global marketplace and employ international teams, the awareness of cultural difference is vital for success. We all know about IQ and EQ, but the buzz word in the global workplace today is EQ (Cultural Intelligence).

Cultural Competence helps you to understand how and why people think, act, and do business in the way they do. Cultural differences can result in a variety of approaches to business, even when English is used as the common language.

Israel is a culturally complex country. As a rising economy in the world of Hi-Tech, and a world leader in innovation and entrepreneurship, Israel is a true melting pot. Israel is a nation of problem solvers whose perseverance, informality, and directness embody a culture of entrepreneurship. Israel is a giant when it comes to innovation: a global leader in R&D spending and VC investment. However, there are still many stereotypes and misconceptions about Israel’s social and business culture which need to be overcome before you can successfully do business in Israel.

Working effectively with people from Israel presents a key challenge for companies and work teams. Yair will provide you with a combination of in-depth background information and practical tips and strategies for conducting business, working in synergy, and communicating directly with Israeli counterparts.

In this session, Yair will address topics such as:

- Developing cultural intelligence
- The concept of “Professionalism” in Israel
- Discussion on the advantages and challenges of the participants when working with Israelis
- Core values of the Israelis and the challenges these present to other cultures
- Israeli communication styles – misunderstandings and challenges
- How to get the best out of your Israeli counterpart

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Yair comes from a Multicultural family—an interesting cultural background which has led him to find his true calling: the intercultural field, after working a few years in the Communications industry. Culture is not only his line of work; it is something he practices every day when interacting with people and when traveling. It has become a part of his life and sharing this with clients is his biggest Passion. Yair is a Certified Senior Trainer on Chinese intercultural Studies, from the Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland. As one of Globaleyes Cross Cultural Trainers and lecturers, Yair constantly strives to deliver powerful, interactive, and enriching sessions, assisting people to Cross Cultures with Competence. Over the past years Yair has worked with individuals and organizations worldwide, helping people from various cultures to interact with their colleagues and customers from other cultures. This assists them in overcoming the cultural gaps and challenges which are created by these differences. Having years of international interactions, Yair brings extensive experience in working with different cultures, cross cultural communications, and working in virtual global teams. Yair provides training in Developing Cultural Intelligence Country-Specific Training: Working with Americans, Working with Israelis, Working with Chinese, Working with Japanese, and Working with Indians Cross Cultural Communication.

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Cultural Intelligence: Working Effectively with Israelis