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Michele Wucker

Gray Rhino events are highly probable, give clear warnings, and have high impact. Yet all too often, leaders fail to plan for, recognize, or respond to obvious dangers, from the personal to the organizational to the political to the global level: financial crises, industry disruptions, failing infrastructure, the aging of the workforce, climate change, and more. The most successful organizations are the ones that identify and confront Gray Rhino threats instead of letting themselves be trampled. Michele’s provocative talk lays out a framework for recognizing Gray Rhinos and the pitfalls and opportunities at each of their five stages, from denial to action—not just to avoid highly obvious dangers, but to see opportunities where others do not.

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A global thought leader with experience in strategy, public policy, turnarounds, and crisis management, Michele Wucker draws on three decades of experience in media and non-profit management and content creation. Her background includes behavioral science, organizational dynamics, risk, geo-politics, and economic analysis. Michele is most recently the author of “THE GRAY RHINO: How to Recognize and Act on the Obvious Dangers We Ignore.” She founded Gray Rhino & Company to help decision-makers to identify and strategize responses to risks that are neglected despite—or because of—their size and obviousness. She has been recognized as a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and a Guggenheim Fellow, among other honors. Her previous leadership positions include Vice President for Studies at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs; President of the World Policy Institute, which she re-launched in a dramatic turnaround; and Latin America Bureau Chief at International Financing Review. She has taught master’s students at the School for International and Public Affairs at Columbia University. She also is the author of “LOCKOUT: Why America Keeps Getting Immigration Wrong When Our Prosperity Depends on Getting It Right” and “WHY THE COCKS FIGHT: Dominicans, Haitians, and the Struggle for Hispaniola.” She has presented in countries including Argentina, Mexico, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Morocco, China, Korea, France, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Norway, Poland, and the UK.

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Gray Rhino Proofing Your Business