Secrets Of The NEW Elevator Pitch

Chris Westfall

You've got have a story that's concise, clear and compelling. That's true for your brand, your career and your team. Presented by the US National Elevator Pitch Champion Chris Westfall, this interactive seminar is designed to accelerate your communications, increase your clarity and confidence, and build a new kind of communication style for the people that matter most. Isn't it time for an update on the question, “So, what do you do?” And don't you and your employees deserve to understand the scientific principles behind authentic persuasion—so that your story doesn't sound pushy, sales-y, or fake? In business, whoever tells the best story wins. Is it time to take a look at yours?

Book this Cast if you want to:

1. Leverage the strategies of the international best-seller, “The NEW Elevator Pitch”
2. Boil down your message, so that it's clear, concise, and compelling
3. Engage with world-class delivery strategies—and learn how to create a “Yes!” for your company

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Over the last few years, Chris Westfall has helped launch over 50 businesses, raised millions of dollars in capital investment, revitalized brands on four continents...and coached his clients onto "Shark Tank," "Dragon's Den" in Canada, and "Shark Tank - Australia." Recognized as the US National Elevator Pitch Champion, he is the publisher of six books - including "The NEW Elevator Pitch" and "BulletProof Branding."

A keynote speaker for Fortune 100 companies, social causes and small business, he speaks to over 10,000 people each year. Chris helps organizations to get clear on their strategic messaging - and deliver a new kind of conversation. Are you curious to learn the principles behind influence, persuasion and engagement? Via a highly-interactive and scientific approach, Chris helps re-shape brands, expand investment opportunities and engage employees in new and innovative ways.

A thought-leader on Millennial initiatives, Chris is the publisher of "The Millennial CEO." Focused on helping the next generation of leaders, Chris is currently working with the fifth-largest university in the USA to provide innovative communication strategies to entrepreneurs. He has appeared on CNN, ABC NEWS, NBC and in multiple print outlets.

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Secrets Of The NEW Elevator Pitch