Own It! Take Charge of Your Performance

Chip Eichelberger

Shifting performance from good to GREAT is not a matter of just moving up the next rung of the ladder or even moving next door. It's more like moving to another country! That's how big the gap often is between where you are now and where you want to go.

How do you bridge that chasm? The program “Own It!” taps the hidden potential inside each member of your team and shows how the power of making even one new decision can ignite tremendous performance improvements.

Chip covers the key elements to make this shift including re-evaluating personal goals and performance, making new decisions, keeping score, moving the target and the power of attitude and activity. These steps transform your team from a followership model to an ownership model where personal responsibility reigns. This transition leads you, your team, and your company to dramatic and quick results when they “Own It!”

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As a Motivational Speaker, Chip’s programs surpass most keynotes with a highly engaging, interactive workshop approach that is truly transformative. He builds a fire under the seat of every audience member to promote change within businesses, groups and individuals.

Chip demonstrates how taking personal responsibility makes it possible to achieve new levels of performance. He is known for his Get Switched On! program that inspire audiences to consistently bring their “A Game” and surpass it.

Ranked as a Top 5 Speaker by Speaking.com three years in a row, Chip was also awarded the esteemed Certified Speaking Professional designation, held by only 7% of National Speakers Association members.

Chip’s passion for delivering an energizing experience grabs the audience’s attention immediately. He engages them to get past just talking about change and commit to it. Participants will be “Switched On!” to re-evaluate performance, set goals and make decisions that have the power to impact their life.

Immersing himself in your industry and marketplace, he’ll research your company and dig into the corporate culture to deliver a highly relevant presentation. Chip takes your team on an amazing journey of self-discovery and challenges their core thinking.

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Own It! Take Charge of Your Performance