(Un)Conscious Decisions: Exploring Our Brains (FOR UP TO 50 PARTICIPANTS)

Elements Partnership

Pulling from current research in neuroscience, we get at the roots of how our brains are wired, how our decision making has evolved, and how, as social creatures, we cope with and adapt to that wiring. Explore the benefits and pitfalls of the tools we use (consciously and unconsciously!) to sift through the millions of data points coming at us each day to make judgments in a variety of situations.

Participants become more aware of their decision making processes and learn to recognize the cues and blind spots we develop through life. (Participation limited because of the interactive nature of our presentations)

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The team at Elements Partnership provides dynamic, interactive learning that shifts perspectives, builds relationships, and creates new behaviors.

Leslie Peters launched Elements Partnership five years ago with a simple idea: people are hungry for real conversation. So many of our conversations, decisions, meetings and interactions are the same as the conversations, decisions, meetings and interactions we’ve had a million times before.

The Elements team – Leslie Peters, Jami Dix, John Alexander and Dan Rubright – came together based on a shared passion for discovering and sharing new ways of thinking, inspiring people to think differently, and empowering individuals and groups to show up in new ways. Collectively we bring experience in training, coaching, teaching, theater production, music theory and composition, leadership development, and organizational management.

We are passionate about unleashing human potential and we bring that passion and energy to all of our training engagements. Because our training is purposefully interactive, we are uniquely positioned to provide meaningful experiences for groups of six to 30 people.

Our team has created and delivered leadership development programs and designed and facilitated meetings for large and small companies in both the for-profit and non-profit sectors nation-wide. We actively leverage our broad experience to build and present training experiences that are both thought-provoking and useful.

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(Un)Conscious Decisions: Exploring Our Brains (FOR UP TO 50 PARTICIPANTS)